King’s Royal Hussars Ice Bucket

Kings Royal Hussars

A replica military drum from King’s Royal Hussars Ice Bucket, produced as an ice bucket - the perfect gift for retired and serving service men and women.

Height: 165mm
Diameter: 162mm

Regimental Replicas sample replica ice bucket

All artwork is presented as pre 1995 and is sold as a historic replica.

King's Royal Hussars Ice Bucket - kings-royal-hussars King's Royal Hussars £68.00
King's Royal Hussars Ice Bucket - 14th20th-kings-hussars 14th/20th King's Hussars £68.00
King's Royal Hussars Ice Bucket - the-royal-hussars-prince-of-wales-own The Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales Own) £68.00


Canada - The Governor General's Horse Guards

Australia - 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers

South Africa - 1 Special Service Battalion

Pakistan - 11th Cavalry (Frontier Force)

Sri Lanka - 1st Reconnaissance Regiment

Royal Navy - HMS Monmouth